Our Story

The Cheesesteak Joint started with two people and a dream to serve mouth watering comfort food with exceptional customer service. We are family owned and operated, one of us born and raised in the East Coast from Pennsylvania and the other is an Arizona native. Entrepreneurs and the restaurant life runs in the family, and after working in many various fields, serving food to hungry people and giving them something to smile and talk about became our calling. So instead of being localized in one place we thought to ourselves, why not bring the food everywhere? The possibilities would be endless, and so the dream was created and put in motion… a food truck! We can travel, be in new environments, meet people from all over and in different cities without having to stay in one location. We could share our love for food with people and serve a great dish with a smile on our face loving every second of what we do. “Happiness on a roll” is what you could call it. We had two choices on how to live our lives, wit or witout happiness. The decision was a no brainer



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